Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Of traveling alone and many more

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving", said someone not so long ago. I add my views to it, he needs no company either. There could be no two views on the fact that a likable company is a boon but having none is certainly not a bane. I realized it couple of days back.

This blog is not a travelogue and hence would be devoid of phrases like "It is definitely worth a visit", "I dreamed of coming here when I was still in knickers" and other usual bromides. It is more about the pleasure of traveling and unmistakeably superior pleasure of traveling alone. Sounds philosophical? It is, may be.

"Traveling alone" is such a misnomer, coz the whole world is out there to offer you company. There are more people than you would expect eager to click a snap for you, sit by your side on a wayside restaurant and offer his/her views on how crowded the city has become or make travel plans for you. Few would fill you with suggestions on how to deal with the hawkers and the pickpockets. And of course your "self" is more awake when you are alone.

Traveling alone gives you the freedom to choose your spots of interest. You are free to dump a plan in the mid if you find it less interesting. You can forgo the valleys and reach the hills rather! You are more observant to things happening around. You suddenly feel wiser, stronger and smarter. If you find this idea difficult to digest, let me clarify that it is governed by the rule which equates golf, love and traveling alone - unless you do it yourself, you think it is the most boring way of spending time!

If you are lucky, you can develop conversation with a local girl under the pretext of asking directions. She would explain it to you in her native. You stare at her in obvious ignorance. She asks you to follow her rather. Mind you,this would not happen if you travel with a boisterous group. You find her English broken, accented and beautiful. You get very slow replies for your questions but you are not interested in answers, are you? "A thing of beauty is joy forever", Keats says, I quote.