Tuesday, June 27, 2006

After a month....

There goes it...A month's stay here at IBM has taught me a lot. Apart from Java n CORBA it has also educated me in lotta other aspects too, like how to use the AMEX card, for an instance.. This huuuuge organisation(man am I not proud to be a part of it??!!) which sits prettily next to MICROSOFT has proved to be CIT incognito(the place which awarded me my BE degree, fortunately!!) only much better.

So it certainly brings lotta nostalgic feelings, especially those of my sophomore days when I tried desperately to fit myself to the steadfast rules of the department and now, not so desperately am trying to fit myself to the demanding task of mastering Java n something n something(the list goes on ), which they call Web Technology.

Hmmm seeing the IBM employee badge certainly makes u feel better but also reminds u rather disturbingly the fact that u still have to struggle with books, which now have blown up to the size of pillows. The college books were much better i assure. But the experiences my frens have had in other organisations imply that I actually am in much better position rest assured.. The process of education is still going on and it wud continue for another coupla years, so say the experienced pros.. Well it might take another 300 odd days to decide whether the initial euphoria remains.. VENI VEDI VICI???????

Monday, June 26, 2006

Gone are those days....

I walk back towards the large gates,
Breeze rustling leaves across the road,
Fluttering in wind..
Walk past the lifeless canteeen,
With no one to shout.
Peep into empty classes,missing the screams of joy.
Stand at the tree,
Where a hundred love were declared and broken;
A single tear escapes my eye and falls towards,
The emptiness of the sands
And my mind races in thought,
Alone as I stand,as I think,
It's all over...
And only memories remain
For gone are those days,