Friday, February 27, 2009

A lazy Saturday morning

Getting lost in thoughts has lately become my favorite way to kill time - sometimes nostalgic; sometimes futuristic and the best of all, sometimes completely blank. Take my personal experience as a proof; getting lost in thoughts is a definite way to know the depths of your personality. You get to know lot of things about yourself hitherto left unnoticed. That I am an extremely private person with lot of secrets hidden deep inside is the latest actualization that I experienced on this lazy Saturday morning. Perhaps the previous night's late, long hours that were spent in reconnecting with people from my past might have triggered it.

What otherwise would have become a lazy and relaxing weekend is suddenly filled with this urge to get back in time and recollect other treasures that have been undercover for a lifetime. Those black and white photographs, old text books and notes shoved up in closets, inland letters and post cards received from friends and relatives - all these have suddenly become objects of desire. Each little finding reveals more about the past and thereby more about me. I call them little almanacs of personal history!!

Now comes the darkest of all of them. The old Hero Pen! This actually belongs to my friend and accidentally came in to my possession. Later I forgot to return it to him and during the exams I found it extremely useful and hence deliberately retained it. Later he came to know about it and the price I paid was very heavy. Immense personal humiliation and a complete cut in our relationship for about two years (We later settled it on our own terms). Those two years however were remorseful with this heinous crime of mine returning to torture me every time when I either see him or the pen. I also recollect that it turned out be a very important incident that went on to put me on the path of becoming genuine and honest.

When I wanted to restart my blogging, I thought of doing it with a book review; or perhaps with my musings for a muse; however it has happened a bit unconventionally though, with a confession.