Friday, April 20, 2007


As the cliche goes, Life is full of risk. But what I am about to do has paramount proportions in my career and future. Quitting a comfortable and secure job is something that has caused unrest in my mind recently and hope things do take a positive turnaround. The world did look positive and optimistic just after I was able to convert the only B School call that I got..but every time when I face the question "Are you quitting IBM to study? " asked by some colleague or a relative or a friend, causes jitters and I ask my inner self "Well mate,is the decision gonna backfire?" Only time can answer the question though.

I have confidence in myself and hope and pray to come out successfully in this MBA venture, if not with flying colours. I've always fancied studying management and only self and God know how I craved for getting an admission into some decent B School. I know I am going to take the risk of my life but I also understand that I am doing it driven by the deep hatred that I've developed towards this so called CODING, which I prefer to call as software coolie job.

That dependable friend of the desperate people, God , has helped me out of predicaments before and am once again at the mercy of that merciful. "Time would add glory to you son...." That is my inner self to me...